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Photovoltaics and battery storage for Frankfurt

Photovoltaics Frankfurt – photovoltaic systems, solar panels and power storage units represent the foundation for a sustainable energy supply. My name is Matthias Kögel and I am the business owner of enerix Frankfurt. We are specialized in photovoltaic systems delivering decentralized power storage solutions to our customers in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Oberursel, Bad Vilbel, Karben, Friedrichsdorf, Friedberg, Idstein, Bad Nauheim, Neu- Anspach, Rosbach and surrounding areas. We plan, design and install photovoltaic systems, solar power storage units, infrared heaters or wall boxes for your electric car as comprehensive turnkey services.

Enerix delivers turnkey solar energy systems since 2007 and stands for high quality products, competent advice, solid planning as well as professional installation, assembly and service as a one-stop shop.

Business Owner Matthias Kögel

Plant for the planet

Trees for Climate Justice

enerix Frankfurt-Taunus is proud to be an official sponsor for Plant for the Planet. Together with our fantastic costumers we already were able to plant over 4000 trees! Thank you for that! We´ll continue giving and planting because we know: the future is sunny and green!

Components for 100% self-sufficiency

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems are the core of a modern and decentralized energy supply. By using the photoelectric effect, the solar panels turn energy from the sun into electric energy. The main components of a photovoltaic systems are the solar panels and the inverter. Additionally, a range of smaller hardware components are needed for the application on the roof and for the finalization of the electric connection.

Power Storage Units

Power storage units represent an integral part of a photovoltaic system. The storage unit enables you to reap the full benefit of utilising valuable solar power day and night, thereby reducing your electricity costs. For this reason, nearly every household decides to combine a photovoltaic system with a power storage unit. Sonnenbatterie, SENEC, E3DC, RCT Power, Greenrock und MyReserve from Solarwatt.

Electricity Cloud

Excess solar power that you do not use immediately or store away is fed into the electricity cloud. In winter, when the photovoltaic system generates less electricity and the power storage is empty, you can retrieve your power from the electricity cloud. This way the self-sufficient energy supply is maximized and the electricity cost reduced. Sonnenflatand SENEC.Cloud.

enerix Frankfurt relies on quality products from:

Consultation for photovoltaic systems

Are you interested in a photovoltaic system, an electricity storage or a charging station for your electric car? Or do you have a question regarding your existing photovoltaic system? You can contact enerix Frankfurt right here. Just fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You don’t speak German? No problem, just write an Email in English to or call 06196 921 3307 and let me get back to you personally in case I cannot take the call directly.


Photovoltaics Frankfurt: Is a photovoltaic system even worth it in Frankfurt and its surrounding areas?

Germany is the leading European country to generate solar power. Despite the foggy autumn season, the annual energy yield in Frankfurt and surrounding areas average about 940 Kilowatt hours per 6m² module. This means that a photovoltaic system with just 35m² generates enough energy for a family of four. Combined with a storage unit, the photovoltaic system can be utilised day and night. We love to consult and help you to make a smart choice.

Solar potential capacity maps for the region Frankfurt/ Taunus

To make use of the full potential of the sun, Frankfurt/ Taunus provides their citizens a very special service by publishing solar potential capacity maps. These maps identify which roofs are most suitable to generate solar energy and incentivize the house owner to consider investing into solar energy. The maps are available for free and show exactly how effectively individual roofs can be utilized whilst considering their construction specificities.

Solar potential capacity map Frankfurt/ Taunus

Electricity self-supply with PV and battery storage

Photovoltaics Frankfurt: Photovoltaic systems (PV) mark the core of a decentralized energy supply. You will be surprised how fast and easy it is to generate electricity independently and self-sufficiently without any environmental impact and how cheaper than any of the electricity providers PV is. Solar energy power household devices, the heater or charge your electric car. Furthermore, photovoltaic modules can be virtually installed anywhere: on the roof, on top of the garage, as part of a modern terrace or on a facade.

With a battery storage unit you can use your valuable solar electricity even smarter. Whenever the sun shines and your solar system produces more solar energy than you consume, you feed the energy in the storage unit to save it for less sunny days. This way you can reduce the annual electricity purchase from external suppliers and make full use of your “green electricity”.

Photovoltaics Guide 2020

Photovoltaics Guide 2020

You want to reduce your electricity costs and you are planning to install a photovoltaic system? We have the perfect guide “Step by Step Guide to Your Own Photovoltaic System” made just for you to help you realising your plans. More than 25.000 downloads so far speak for itself. (Only available in German)


Our revised magazine comprises 44 pages and includes a lot of examples, sample calculations, checklists, and explains in 8 steps how your roof can be utilized as an energy source. Furthermore, the magazine includes more detailed information about topics such as “solar power for charging” and “solar power for heating”.


61203 Reichelsheim

PV-Power [kWp] / Product
9.92 kWp Heckert

Battery capacity [kWh] / Product
7.5 kWh Senec V2

Energy forecast [kWh/Year]
9,325 kWh

Autarky [%]

60598 Frankfurt

PV-Power [kWp] / Product
29.9 kWp Heckert

Battery capacity [kWh] / Product
12.5 kWh Greenrock

Energy forecast [kWh/Year]
24,733 kWh

Autarky [%]

61267 Neu-Anspach

PV-Power [kWp] / Product
9.92 kWp Solarwatt

Battery capacity [kWh] / Product
5 kWh Senec V3

Energy forecast [kWh/Year]
8,672 kWh

Autarky [%]